Since 1984, Solareh has offered employee, family and organizational assistance programs. Solareh prides itself as being a differentiator in the mental health and wellness industry. Solareh knows that a robust personal triage followed by directed, targeted interventions that cross the boundaries between EAP and Absence Management, delivers the best results. Our mission is to promote and improve the overall health of individuals and organizations through prevention and intervention programs.

Contact Information
500 - 6505 TransCanada Highway
Saint-Laurent, Quebec H4T 1S3
(800) 668-8428
EASNA Member
Service Area
  • Canada

Licenses & Certifications
  • Our management team's certifications include PHDs
  • Masters Degrees
  • B.Sc.O.T.
  • MBA and Baccalaureates. Our professional network contains psychologists
  • employment counsellors
  • social workers
  • lawyers
  • occupational therapists
  • kinesiologists
  • dieticians
  • trainers
  • coaches and many other recognized specialties

  • Coaching/Health and Wellness
  • EAP Services