Palladian EAP

Palladian EAP offers valuable resources that can help employees manage the issues that impact their lives in this increasingly complex and challenging world. Employers must prioritize the needs of their employees and ensure that they come to work able to reach their full potential. Marital and family problems, conflicts among coworkers, overuse of managerial time, depression and anxiety, substance abuse, legal and financial issues, child and eldercare needs are just some of the personal issues and problems that have a direct impact on employee well-being and as a result, the organization’s bottom line. Palladian EAP incorporates several unique strategies and resources to ensure this need is met.

Palladian EAP is:
  • Based in Western New York State.
  • Experienced – we are the current EAP vendor for public and privately held organizations in a variety of industries, ranging in size from 35 – 9200 employees, with locations within and outside of NYS.
  • Available 24/7 via toll-free phone call for triage, information and referral.
  • Consists of a local and national EAP network of qualified behavioral health private practitioners and providers for appropriate and efficient service delivery.
  • Committed to maintaining the highest level of confidentiality.
  • What makes us unique?
  • Offering our employer groups the opportunity to customize their EAP benefit in a way that meets the needs of their specific employee’s best. This can range from a traditional comprehensive EAP model to a more flexible EAP model that excludes extended benefits such as face to face training hours.
  • Palladian EAP goes beyond basic customer satisfaction by evaluating how effective our services were for actual impact in the workplace. We do this in several ways. With EAP customers we conduct an in-depth assessment to determine workplace impact and then a post appointment(s) evaluation to ensure that the employee’s situation has been improved and that their ability to bring their healthiest self to work is improved. We also meet with our employer groups at minimum yearly to ensure that the EAP services they envision are the EAP services they are receiving and work quickly to address any needs that are identified.
  • Palladian EAP works diligently to understand, address and offer resources that are specific to the unique needs of our customers. We do this by listening to our customers and adapting our services to meet their needs. An example of this adaptation would be our unique telephonic stress management program. Our customers told us they had stress, but didn’t have the time available to attend traditional stress management counseling appointments. Palladian designed a 4-session stress management program that can be done over the phone and allows our customers to meet both the need to reduce their stress, and access to such services in a way that resulted in no additional burden on their already busy schedules.

  • Contact Information
    2732 Transit Road
    Buffalo, New York 14224
    (716) 712-2777
    EASNA Member
    Service Area
    • United States

    Licenses & Certifications
    • NCC

    • Coaching/Health and Wellness
    • EAP Services
    • Financial Services
    • Legal Services
    • Managed Behavioral Health Care
    • Training and Development Services
    • Work/Life Services
    • Online EAP resources
    • Telephonic EAP
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