E4 Health, Inc.

E4 Health, Inc. is a Holistic Wellness and Health Risk Management Company providing EAP, Wellness and Care Coordination services, all on a single platform. E4 Health serves over 500 employer clients with more than 3 million employees and household members, including notable organizations such as Jet Blue Airways, Whole Foods and Staples. The difference between e4's programs and others in the marketplace starts with our focus on behavior, sustainable change and seamless integration. By having all of our products filter through the EAP program, e4 is able to proactively capture information about each member's unique situation and connect them with the information, resources or help they need. As clients move on to our wellness program, the behavioral component captured by the EAP is coupled with HRA and biometric data to provide an even more detailed picture of the specific variables impacting a member and a company's overall health and wellbeing. Armed with this knowledge, e4 tailors each wellness initiative, be it a challenge or informational session, based on a given population. The final piece, Care Coordination, pumps in even more data like pharmacy claims and hospital claims, allowing a company to get the most detailed snapshot possible of what’s going on in their population. We partner with them, after analyzing all the given data, in order to deploy our resources and the client's resources in the most efficacious way possible to achieve the strategic outcomes.

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105 Decker Court, #475
Irving, TX 75062
(972) 810-3100

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  • Canada
  • United States

Licenses & Certifications

  • Coaching/Health and Wellness
  • EAP Services
  • Financial Services
  • International EAP Services
  • Legal Services
  • Managed Behavioral Health Care
  • Organizational Development Services
  • Training and Development Services
  • Work/Life Services
  • Online EAP resources
  • Telephonic EAP
  • Video EAP
  • Executive Coaching