Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada

Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada invests significant resources and countless hours providing free community outreach programs on financial literacy and debt management in communities across Canada. These seminars take place face-to-face, in classroom settings, or even via the Internet through webinars. We work with hundreds of companies, community groups, employee assistance program providers, all levels of government, the Canadian Forces, and non-profit organizations who have identified financial stress as a key component of their employees’ and members’ overall health and productivity.

Consolidated Credit educates consumers on the importance of good money management for today and the future. Attendees learn the skills needed to live debt free and become financially independent. These educational initiatives have taken root in many organizations across the country. The response to the resources available has grown exponentially – we have educated Canadians through workshop and seminar participation, one on one face-to-face meetings and distribution of our specially designed booklets on financial literacy. We want to put personal finance tools in the hands of Canadians.

Consolidated Credit’s goal is to make this free, personal financial education and counselling available to those who may otherwise not have access. In addition, the company strives to educate employers about the value of having budget-conscious and financially savvy employees. An employee that is stressed about debt will be distracted and unproductive in the workplace, and that’s where Consolidated Credit can help. Our educational materials are displayed in common office areas such as break and lunch rooms across the country.

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400-505 Consumers Rd.
Toronto, Ontario m2j 4v8
(800) 656-4120
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Licenses & Certifications
  • Our trained credit counsellors are certified non-profit credit and insolvency counsellors who have obtained (or are currently obtaining) their Insolvency Counsellor Qualification Certification (ICQC) and Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada (AFCC) licences. We are a nationally registered non-profit organization with Canada Revenue Agency and are accredited by the Canadian Centre for Accreditation and abide by the regulations and ethics set forth by the Canadian and Ontario Associations of Credit Counselling Services. The OACCS Certified Credit Counsellor designation is recognized as the highest professional designation level available to not-for-profit Credit Counsellors in Canada.

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