The EAP Directory is produced by the Employee Assistance Society of North America (based on an idea first suggested by the National Behavioral Consortium and Stan Granberry). EASNA is the employee assistance industry’s trade association, EASNA advances the competitive excellence of its members by fostering best practices, research, education, and advocacy in behavioral health and wellness that impacts workplace performance.

The directory is open to all EAPs (not just members of EASNA) as a benefit to companies seeking to find an EAP provider to support their business. This directory is the easiest way to search for that EAP—by the geographic area served or by the services needed (EAP Services, Work/Life Services, etc.).

We want to make this process easy for your business because purchasing an EAP often includes justifying the cost of the service to those in charge of the budget at an organization. This is a question of whether or not the EAP provides enough business value to cover the cost of purchasing the service. In other words, is the financial return on investment (ROI) a positive ratio? The typical analysis produces an ROI of between $3 and $10 US in return for every $1 dollar invested in the EA program. The ROI for EAPs is consistent with what is found for other kinds of worksite health-promotion and wellness programs.

Who Is Presenting this Information?

This website is produced by EASNA, the trade association for EAPs in North America. The diverse membership includes the following categories of individuals and organizations:

  • EAP providers,
  • Benefits consultants
  • Employers
  • Wellness providers
  • EAP vendors
  • employee assistance and work/life professionals
  • behavioral health and addiction treatment practitioners
  • human resource and benefits professionals

Members come from Canada and the United States, working in both the private and public sectors.

Who Oversees EASNA?

The Board of Directors, whose members come from Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

How Do I Join EASNA?

You can most easily join online from the EASNA website.

How Do I Join The Online Directory?

Just complete this short online form: Join Your Company Today.