MINES and Associates

MINES and Associates has been in business since 1981. Since that time MINES is a nation-wide provider of Employee Assistance Programs services, wellness programs, managed behavioral healthcare, and organizational development and consulting services. MINES has developed a nationwide PPO network of over 21,000 providers that spans the entire United States. Section on technology and delivery. MINES’ EAP provide highly tailored services that fit each organization’s particular needs. Combining high-touch service with customized promotional programs, MINES’ EAP services maintain a utilization rate far above our competitors. MINES provides a wellness enhancement to our standard EAP services. Our “Whole Organization Wellbeing” system allows members and employees to utilize EAP sessions to access specialized wellness professionals for personal and customized assessments to address fitness and nutrition needs, sleep issues, smoking cessation, weight loss, and more. MINES’ case management team act as a liaison between Human Resources and employees for specific needs such as WPRs and to address specific client needs. Additional human resources and management support include: CISS ̶ Planning, strategy, response and ongoing support, WPR coordination and feedback, management consults on a variety of issues, development of special initiatives, crisis intervention, telephonic counseling, inpatient case management, and wellness coaching. MINES’ Managed Care services provide employees with an advocate to ensure their best care and help protect healthcare programs against unnecessary spending due to inefficient practices or predatory companies. MINES Nationwide network of over 21,000 specialty providers provides easy access. Unlike many PPO networks, MINES’ is open to ensure care can be delivered and specialty needs can be met anywhere in the US. MINES’ offers organizational development services that work with management to identify ways of increasing productivity and social wellbeing within the organization. MINES’ services provide customized analysis and reporting that identifies solutions quickly. MINES proprietary OWIE model (Organizational Wellbeing Inventory and Evaluation) provides a ground up systemic evaluation of the organization and provides a complete analysis, review, and solution model with the goal of getting an organization back to top shape.

Contact Information
10367 W. Centennial Rd.
Littleton, Colorado 80127
(800) 873-7138

[email protected]
EASNA Member
Service Area
  • United States

Licenses & Certifications
  • All of our affiliates and clinical staff have at least a masters degree and are licensed in their respective areas and states. They are licensed as psychologists
  • social workers
  • professional counselors
  • certified employee assistance professionals
  • marriage & family therapists
  • or addictions counselors.

  • Coaching/Health and Wellness
  • EAP Services
  • Financial Services
  • Legal Services
  • Managed Behavioral Health Care
  • Organizational Development Services
  • Training and Development Services
  • Work/Life Services
  • Online EAP resources
  • Telephonic EAP
  • Video EAP
  • Executive Coaching